Friday, May 23, 2008


YEAHHHHH.....Man Utd was again crowned the best football team in Europe. Chelsea were beaten fair and square. I watched the game live at a mamak restaurant with a few friends and neighbours. I was suprised to see the crowd at the restaurant. It was full house as if it was at 8.30 - 10.00p.m. They even ran out of tables, chairs and even glasses!!!!

Here's how I summed up the game :

first half - It was tensed, man utd was controlling the game with their pin point accuracy passing while chelsea look a little bit nervy but who can blame them, it's their first ever UCL final. 75% of ball possession was with Man Utd. Then on the 24th minute, Brown crossed to the far post and of all the players, Ronaldo met the cross and headed the ball into Cech's goal post.

The fan went ecstatic!!. every Man Utd fan at the restaurant was jumping and congragulating each other even if they don't know each other!!!...(that's the power of football). While the blues fan was looking a bit jaded, they are still positive of a come back and come back they did with a scarrpy goal at the very last minute of the first half. It was a lucky goal not more than that(the way i look at it la...)but it was Ronaldo's failure to close down Esien shot that spark the goal. then followed by carrick who was ball watching and not marking Lampard who went for the rebound.

Second half - Chelsea started the half more confidently. For a good 10 minutes Man Utd failed to get the ball past the half. Chelsea's players were all over and closing down own Schloes, Ronaldo, Carrick and Hargreaves faster. They hit the post twice through Drogba and Lampard which had my heart pumping like a bullet train!!!..they dominated the half with some good ball distribution and solid midfield. The Man Utd fan were at the edge of their sit most of the time during the second half watching their team defending solidly through the half.

Extra time - Nothing much can be said for the first half. Both team share the fair amount of ball posession, both trying hard to create an opening that could decide the game but it was not meant to be. In the second half, both players started to show their tiredness. Cramps and muscle pull was clearly shown in their faces. Towards the end of the second half of extra time, Drogba was sent off for slapping Vidic on the face after an incident which involved all the players except Van Der Sar. However, it was to little of a time for Man Utd to capitalised on the game and it ended still 1-1 and went to penalty kicks..

Penalty kicks - phewww...I must say, as much as the players of both team were tired, we were tired ourselves that night or morning shall I say cause it"s already nearly 5 in the morning. All I can say here was that Ronaldo of all people missed the spot kick(I had a feeling that would happen). John Terry(JT) missed the glorious chance of winning UCL after he also missed the spot kick. He did a Beckham slip and the shot went wide to the right. Many thanks to JT. Anelka, what more can I say...I never like him actually. His kick was brilliantly palm away by Van Der Sar and the celebration begins!!!!!

We retreat ourselves at about 6 a.m after cooling ourselves out and get our heart pumping normally again. Everyone faces were brimming with smiles and sense of satisfaction, that is apart from the Chelsea fan though.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Photo fun

Tadi aku melawat blog officemate aku din....owner blog tersohor akusape.
aku terbaca tentang photo fun. An interesting site to play around with your photos. It has various backgrounds for you to select and match it with your pics. here's a few of what i've done.

give it a try, visit this link : photo fun

thank you to din.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

bassminton shopping spree

On wednesday 7th of may, aku ngan geng2 badminton went for a shopping spree kat kedai racket AJ di puchong. We arrived there at about 9.30 and started our spree shortly after. yang hadir jennifer thompson, genervie, ella, zachy, zul mahat, aku and off course salesman terhangat Aj budi hermawan..and the final and suprise inclusion aloi metal(dia initially nak suprise we all coz beli racket baru but end being suprise himself when he saw all of us there!!!).

Everyone had something to buy that night except zachy and genervie. I bought a new pair of yonex shirt and short, budi bought a new yonex badminton shoes(finally!!) ella and jenn both bought a racket and a shoes.

After a tiring shopping spree, we retreat ourselves to bumbu bali which is located not far from Aj racket mart.

pictures courtesy of budi(nokia n73-me)


hai semua...lama tak menulis kat blog aku ni...well let me start with what happened do far in May 2008...

3rd May 2008 - AIM final. first time attending to AIM. I was the official photographer for that night(also my first time as a photographer!!)as IPSB was the web developver for AIM. I took my wife along although she was a bit reluctant initially. It was a wonderful night. I got to meet 2 of my old schoolmates namely anuar zain and halim from the group jinbara.

here are some the pics of that night. for more pics, please visit