Thursday, December 27, 2007


hey have you all been has been a while since my last posting.

well this is something pretty interesting for you to wonder...ever wonder how fast can you really type?..or ever wonder how fast your fingers can dance on the keyboard??...try this..

37 words

Touch Typing

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Reading thoughts by eye reading

Hello there...a few days ago I stumbled upon this article in the web which is quit interesting. How you can read people mind through their eyes. Well here's how.

The eyes have this habit of positioning themselves according to the thoughts that are in your head, and other people can often understand what you are thinking about just by watching your eyes.

Being able to read other people’s eyes is a very useful skill. It will let you know if someone is lying, how interested someone is with what you are saying, and the type of thought that a person is having. Understanding eye movements can even be quite profitable, especially when playing poker or selling things. Professional poker players are especially keen at reading other’s eyes and many wear sunglasses so as not to reveal anything about their own cards.

Like most behavior your eyes follow predictable patterns, so here is the rundown.
StraightEye contact. Consistent eye contact is a sign that the person is interested in the conversation. Prolonged eye contact can mean that the person is trying to intimidate and/or may not trust you. Brief eye contact indicates that the person is anxious and/or not interested in the conversation. While a total lack of eye contact shows great disinterest in the conversation.

Eyes UpEyes looking straight up. Rolling the eyes upward is a gesture that often indicates contempt, sarcasm, boredom, or annoyance. If someone is rolling their eyes at you it is not a good sign. Sometimes people look straight upward when they are referring to a god, but in most cases it is meant to be condescending. If their eyes roll back into their head and stay there… heh… make sure they aren’t having a seizure.

Eyes Up Right Eyes to the Upper Right. Someone who you see looking up-right (up-left from a 1st person point of view) is visualizing a remembered image. Ask someone to tell you the color of their car or describe what someone looks like and they should look up-right.

Eyes Upward LeftEyes to the Upper Left. When you see someones eyes move quickly up-left (1st person top-right) they are constructing images in their head. A person looking up-left is using their imagination to put a picture together in their mind. Ask a person to imagine a large blue house filled with marbles and they should look up and to the left.

Eyes Right

Eyes to the Right. When someone moves their eyes to the right (1st person left) they are recalling sounds from their memory. Ask someone to remember the melody to a song or to remember the sound of their alarm clock and they will look to their right.

Eyes LeftEyes Left. People construct sounds when they look to the left (1st person right). When someone imagines new sounds like an unheard voice, or puts together a new melody they look to the left. Ask someone to imagine the sound of a car horn underwater and they should look to the left.

Eyes Down Right Eyes Down and Right. A person looking down-right has internal dialog going on in their head. They may talking to themselves, reciting a conversation, or thinking about what they are going to say. Ask someone how their last conversation went and you will see them looking down-right.

Eyes Down LeftEyes Down and Left. If a person looks down-left they are thinking about how something makes them feel. If they are visibly happy then they may be thinking about the happiness that they feel. Ask a person how they feel on their birthday and they should look down-left before they describe it to you.

Eyes Down

Eyes Straight Downward. A person looking straight downward is showing that they are submissive and uncomfortable. People will often look downward when they are shy and do not wish to have a conversation. Moving the eyes straight downward is often a sign of shame or embarrassment. In some Asian cultures it is customary to look downward and not make eye contact when talking to someone.

Article taken from :

how to read people's eye

Monday, December 3, 2007

Maliq n D'essentials

last friday at zouk KL Maliq n D'essentials buat concert...but aku tak leh pergi coz ader comitment lain..frust!!!..

anyway...Zachy, Nazar(pic abve, enjoying himself at the concert..) and the others went to the concert and told me that it was fantastic..(or they are just trying to make me feel bad).

from the pic they gave me....I can somehow testify that they were right.

more pictures of that night..courtesy of Nazar at

nazarr's facebook page

nazarr's blog

Paratroops Agony

Three army paratroopers, including two women, from an elite army commando unit were killed and five others seriously injured during a mock exercise to seize the international airport at Padang Matsirat here went awry.

Erratic wind patterns during the exercise blew 18 paratroopers off course and some of them plunged into the sea 30m off the airport's runway while others landed hard on the tarmac. The paratroopers were part of 138 men and women who were involved in the mock exercise.

According to a Royal Malaysian Air Force public relations officer, Mej Zulkiflee Abdul Latiff said the accident occurred due to uncertain wind conditions.

My condolences and prayers goes to those who died and hope for a speedy recovery to injured personnel.

Al - Fatihah.

picture and graphic courtesy of The Star.